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Ik heb dan eindelijk mijn eigen webwinkel geopend! Op dit moment kun je daar voornamelijk leuke en vrolijke artikelen kopen voor babies en kinderen. Ook kun je er je eigen handgemaakte, gepersonaliseerde tas kopen of het haakpatroon om er een zelf te maken. Het assortiment wordt echter met de week uitgebreid. Alle artikelen zijn te koop via mijn webwinkel. Je kunt daar ook betalen met IDEAL. Plaats je bestelling in de winkelwagen. Ga dan naar Mijn winkelwagen en klik op ‘Betalen’, bij de opties kun je dan IDEAL aanvinken. Je wordt direct doorgestuurd naar je bank.

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I am so excited! My Etsy shop has been opened! I am still working on my listing, but there are already very beautiful and fun items for sale! You can see them in the Shop section of this website or go directly to my Etsy shop!

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This is applicable to ALL items, including the patterns I sell as a digital download. Right now, only one crochet pattern, but more will follow soon. Don’t forget to visit my shop once in a while for new items!





Welcome to my blog!

Hey you!

I am so excited to publish my very first post! First, I will shortly introduce myself 🙂 I am 35 years old and I am currently living in Europe. I have been happily married for over two years now and we are the proud parents of a beautiful daughter. She is 17 months old now and trying to find her way in life. It gives me so much joy and pleasure to see her discovering the world. Every day I bless myself.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take care of my baby girl or go to work ( I work as a consultant in process management) for over a year now, due to a very serious and severe back injury. I had to undergo a very complicated operation and my recovery will take up to one year.

Lying at my bed is one of my least favorite activities, but it is also one I am forced to do a couple of times a day. But these are the moments I can entertain myself with my passions. One of my passions is crocheting. I have been crocheting for over 7 years now and I mastered this beautiful craft by watching tons of videos and practicing a lot. I also have a weakness for DIY projects. I am always looking for inspiration in the world around me. Whether it is a nice cup of coffee, a beautiful sunset or a rare copy of an old book; it makes me happy and helps me to set my priorities in life.




Besides recovering and being a mom, I have been busy lately by documenting my creativity, inspiration and ideas for myself.  And now I am ready to share my thoughts and ideas with the world! This is a huge step for me and it makes me nervous. But oh well, I just want to give it a try.

I do not have the intention to become a booming business. Or to have an instagram account with millions of followers. No, I just want to become a part of the huge and amazing online community of crocheters, crafters, DIY’ers and other creative and fun persons, so we can share our skills and knowledge and learn from each other.

So let’s get inspired and let’s keep in touch!


Dewi Puspa