DIY: Make a 4 strands braided strap for a bag


Hi there,

I love crocheting bags! I always have been struggling with making a strap and attaching it neatly to a bag. That’s why I use most of the time a strap from an old bag, that already has two carabiner hooks. Lazy me…

I finally figured out how to make a decent strap and how to add the strap to a ring or hook. It is very easy and fast!

Enjoy! Happy crafting!


How to make a 4 strands braided strap for your crocheted or knitted bag

You will need:

  • T shirt yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Two rings (or carabiner hooks)
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)

1. Cut 4 strands of desired length with an extra 3 inch (8 cm) for attachment of the strap to a ring or carabiner hook.


2. Stack the 4 straps on top of each other and sew (or hand stitch or glue) them together.


3. Tape the strands down to a flat surface. This will help you while braiding.

4. Start braiding by following the pictures below.

5. Keep braiding until you have your desired length.


6. Sew (or hand-stitch or glue) the ends.


7. Insert one end of the braid in the ring (attached to the bag) or carabiner hook. Fold the braid about 1,5 inch of the end around the ring/hook and sew (hand stitch/glue) it together. Do the same for the other end of the braid.


8. Cut two small pieces (3,14 inch/8 cm) of the yarn and iron or fold it down. Now you will have two small fabric rectangles.


9. Wrap the pieces of fabric around the ends of the braid just above the ring/carabiner hook. Fold the edges of the rectangle. Stitch or glue the pieces together.